# Affiliate program

# Earn 50% of every sale (recurring income) by promoting Uploader Window

Did you know that Uploader Window has an affiliate program? We pay out 50% of every sale as referral fee (or recurring commission).

What this means to you if you refer your friend who also buys Uploader window we pay you $90 each year for as long as she is a member.

Let's say you blog or tweet about us or make a Youtube tutorial/review video and 20 people join using your link: that means you make $1800 per year in referral fees (yes every year). Eventually say 100 people join via your link then you make an additional passive income of $18,000 each year.

The commission is paid out directly by JvZoo.com, a trusted third party site that specializes in affiliate sales, tracking and payouts. What this means is you can be 100% assured that every person you refer is tracked and you will always get your payouts directly and automatically on time.

Are you interested? If so click the button below to get your affiliate link and start promoting. It only takes 1 minute!

  • N.B. You will be redirected to Jvzoo.com - the site that handles all affiliate sales, tracking and payouts. Click the "Get links" button to get your affiliate link. Remember, anyone who signs up via your link is tracked as your referral forever (i.e. even if she revisits later or joins after 1 year).
  • P.S. You will need a Jvzoo account to get started. Please use this link to register a Jvzoo account (if you don't already have one).
  • P.P.S. Wondering how to promote? 11+ ways that are most effective for affiliate promotion!