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Let's face it. If you are developing a website or app, you will probably require file handling sooner or later. It's something as basic as user authentication.

There are two options: You either do it yourself using some open-source software or buy it as a service (like Uploader window).

I also faced this problem and tried both these options. I first tried using open source software like Fineuploader, FilePond and Dropzone. I'm myself a big contributor to many open-source projects but there was still a lot of integration work on the backend.

After that I tried two services: Uploadcare and Filestack. They do offer a lot of features and benefits but I wanted full control over my files and I wanted everything truly unlimited. The whole reason for not writing your own uploader is because you do not want to worry about file handling anymore. Counting the number of uploads, keeping track of bandwidth, and using someone else's hosting just didn't sit right with me.


  • idea

    Idea for the site

    21 Oct, 2017

    Every developer needs file handling for their site but the existing solutions either needed too much work or were too restrictive. Sparks idea to find the sweet-spot of powerful features, unlimited use and affordable pricing.

  • beta

    First beta

    15 Dec, 2017

    Start work with my co-founder Navneet Rai. First prototype is now ready. Send it out to 20 friends and family to try it out. It took a lot longer than expected but everything turned out great.

  • trophy

    Product hunt launch

    21 Jan 2018

    Posted website on product hunt. Site is a great hit and gets awarded the #1 Product of the day with 600+ votes. Confirms the huge gap in the market.

  • money

    $1000 MRR

    1 Feb 2018

    Big companies like Redbull and well know developers like Patrick McKenzie and Ryan Kulp sign up and tweet about the service. Things starting to pick-up.

  • team

    First employee

    19 May 2018

    Hired our first dedicated support employee to help customers with questions and integration.

  • money

    $5000 MRR (almost)

    19 Aug 2018

    Just a few dollars shy of reaching $5K MRR. Customers are happy and lots of feature requests. The #1 feature request was support for bigger files and more themes.

  • usa

    Incorporated in Delaware

    15 Apr 2019

    Moved company to the US and we're now incorporated in Delaware.

  • v2

    Uploader window 2.0

    30 Aug 2020

    Released the second version of uploader after a total rewrite with Vuejs. Replaced complicated json options with an easy point-and-click wizard.

  • affiliate

    Added an affiliate program

    3 Dec 2020

    Happy customers want to promote Uploader window to friends and other devs. Added an affiliate program using JVZoo.com with 50% recurring affiliate commission.

The Team

San Kumar
Co-Founder, Uploader window
B.S. Electrical - Delhi College of Engg.
Navneet Rai
Co-Founder, Uploader window
B.S. Electrical, M.S. Computers
Delhi College of Engineering.
Ganesh Sathyanathan
Support and Technical Head
Abeer Bhatnagar
B.S. Computer - NSIT
Web developer / Vuejs Expert
Sunil Verma
Investor / Advisor
Deepak K
Investor / Advisor

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